Webinar: Boost User Adoption with the Adoption Readiness Tool (ART)


Join us in our upcoming Micro Focus webinar to gain insights to
Boost User Adoption with the Adoption Readiness Tool (ART)

  • ART is used by 500 customers and the Micro Focus organization to create online training courses with multimedia content for the Micro Focus IT-Solutions and related integrations.
  • Use ART to Auto-Generate your multimedia content like: Simulation Based Exercises, step-by-step JobAids and Product Demonstration videos with voice narrations.
  • Use the ART Developer Kit to create an engaging Multimedia online training course with Video’s, Product Demonstrations, Simulation Based Exercises, JobAids and Knowledge Assessments to boost the user adoption of your learners.
  • Use ART to distribute the content and Auto-Generate an HTML Performance Support Web Portal with direct access to all course modules, simulations and JobAids.
  • Use ART to export the content as SCORM files for uploading into your Learning Management System (LMS).

For more information about the Adoption Readiness Tool – ART, visit www.microfocus.com/software/art

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Raquel Winkler
Micro Focus Community Manager
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