ALM/Quality Center: Certified to work with government clouds


Globally, many government organizations are keen to move their IT to a cloud infrastructure and realize the significant cost savings and reduced operational overheads. But the high security and compliance requirements imposed on government organizations make this significantly challenging.

To help government organizations meet the cloud migration challenge, Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) offer products and services providing secure cloud solutions that comply with FedRAMP requirements. AWS GovCloud and Azure Government are the most well-known offerings in the category.

Beyond these cloud environments, government organizations need an ecosystem of tools for developing and maintaining their applications, so we’re pleased to announce that Micro Focus ALM/Quality Center – an Application Lifecycle Management tool, is certified to work with two cloud environments for government, specifically:

  • Micro Focus ALM/QC version 15.0.x is certified to work with Amazon EC2 running Microsoft Windows Server 2016 in AWS GovCloud (US) Regions
  • Micro Focus ALM/QC version 15.0.x is certified to work with Azure Virtual Machines running Microsoft Windows Server 2016 in Azure Government

ALM/Quality Center is a product of Micro Focus Application Delivery Management (ADM) group. The ADM product group is ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 27034-1 certified, meaning that it is developed under the highest standards of security controls.

If you are looking for a cloud environment secured to the highest standards and enabled for application development and management, and consider engaging with either AWS GovCloud or Azure Government, please contact us for more information about ALM/Quality Center.



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