Virtual Meeting North America User Groups: Tips and Tools to Beat the Peaks with Micro Focus LoadRunner Cloud


Virtual Meeting North America User Groups: Tips and Tools to Beat the Peaks with Micro Focus LoadRunner Cloud


Thu, Oct 14, 2021 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CDT

The endorsed Micro Focus independent software user group, Vivit Worldwide, is here for you through Advocacy, Community, and Education. We want to help our members, both Customers and Partners, obtain the maximum benefits from their investments in Micro Focus. Whether you are a current member of Vivit or looking to become a member, our membership is free and our local user group events are open for ALL to attend.

Suppose today was The Big One. The once-in-a-lifetime moment your product gets an unexpected plug before the world’s media. Think it won’t happen? It did, to a major gaming company. Such as? Remember when the PlayStation 5 became available for pre-order, and stock sold out in minutes? Several major retailer sites crashed: customers lost, brands damaged, and gamers disappointed. 
Don’t let poor application performance affect your revenue, reputation, or productivity. We can help you survive peak traffic with load testing that ensures high availability and consistent responsiveness.
Vivit Worldwide and Micro Focus host a 60-minute interactive virtual discussion on October 14th where performance engineering tech guru Jim Cooper and TED speaker Jonathon Wright reveals, among other insights, how to:
    •   Create a robust peak traffic testing strategy.
   •   Run rapid load tests that identify issues early.
   •   Scale testing without deploying and managing costly infrastructure.
   •   Support peak traffic success with analytics and reporting capabilities.

By the end, you’ll know how to prepare applications for Black Friday and beyond. We conclude with a chance to win a $100 lunch gift card*.

So don't miss out this opportunity and sign up today for this event, and we will see you there.

Join this meeting at:

*Micro Focus reserves the right to cancel registrations for any reason. To qualify for the raffle, you must register and attend with a valid business email address and reside in the United States or Canada. Micro Focus employees and partners are not eligible to receive gifts associated with this event. Gifts subject to availability. The invitation is non-transferable.

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