Webinar: Automate Testing with Artificial Intelligence | Lemontree Sept. 24


Welcome to our “Lemontree Morning” event where will focus on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been newly implemented in automated testing tools from Micro Focus. We will demonstrate how UFTs AI-engine may be used to create robust test automation on the web, mobile- and other applications with a minimum of code maintenance. Testing smarter, earlier, and faster is nowadays a necessity for all companies.  AI support may well be an integrated solution onward to facilitate this.

Test Automation with Artificial Intelligence!

Let everybody test anything with resilient scripts – From Desktop to Mobile with the use of AI, Machine Learning, and with a close loop to CI/CD.

Seminar Content

The event will focus on how to overcome the challenges we see in the market and how AI is implemented into automated testing. We will Showcase how UFT’s AI engine can be used for easy creation of robust automation test on both Web and Mobile with no or limited code to maintain. UFT One delivers a high- quality multi-platform experience. Increased test automation speed and efficiency with AI-infused automated testing. This may reduce test creation time and maintenance, boost test coverage, and increase the resiliency of testing assets.

Automation is possible for more than 200 technologies across Mobile, Web, SAP, API, and even Mainframes. This accelerates continuous testing feedback by running tests in parallel, cross-browser, and cross-device mobile testing with direct integration with source control and CI/CD tools.

Come watch the session if you are interested in learning more about how easy it can be to create resilient and robust test automation if using the right tools for the job.

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Jessica Roth

Micro Focus Community Manager
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