Education Course: ALM02SP-EX


Application Lifecycle Management 15.0 Digital Learning for Manual Testers with Specialist Exam

This learning series comprises of three lessons. In the first lesson, you will learn about using Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) 15.0. You will learn how to create Tests, how to execute the Tests, and how to analyze the Test runs.

In the second lesson, you will learn about defects, how to use Excel to export the test assets, and how to use Version Control for the projects.

Lesson three consists of the ALM 15.0 Manual Tester Specialist Exam. You will take an exam to gain the ALM Manual Tester Specialist badge.

In ALM, the Manual Tester needs to manage all testing activities such as the creation of Tests, execution of Tests, and how to view the Test Runs. After the analysis, the Manual Tester raises defects in ALM when the actual results deviate from the expected results. Manual Testers also learn how to manage versions for their testing assets in ALM and also how to use Excel to upload their testing assets.

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Jessica Roth

Micro Focus Community Manager
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