Virtual Meeting: Michigan Group & Micro Focus: UFT One AI Infused Testing & Conversion Using SAP



Join this session where Micro Focus will showcase the latest version of UFT One (15.0.1), infused with AI technologies, to show how you can significantly reduce your script maintenance. Think about not having to manage an object repository! The demonstration will be using an SAP hosted, s/4 Hana Fiori application that will illustrate the following:

  • Show the script using traditional object recognition, leveraging a function library from the Micro Focus Marketplace to identify which script lines could be converted to AI lines, and then what the script would look like after the conversion.
  • Show scripting with AI against an attendee suggested application.

At the end of the session, there will be a Functional Testing roadmap presentation which is subject to Non-Disclosure Agreements; this part of the session will NOT be recorded.

At the end of the event, attendees will receive a virtual $25 lunch coupon compliments of Micro Focus (excludes Micro Focus employees and affiliates).

Learn more and register here.

Jessica Roth

Micro Focus Community Manager
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