Case Study: Independent Health Leveraging AI


Micro Focus UFT One’s AI-based capabilities and UFT Mobile support a successful mobile app launch while reducing test maintenance by at least 35%.

When Independent Health announced a new mobile app as an easy way for members to track their deductables, review benefits, and view claims, most people were excited, including Chris Trimper, Test Automation Architect for Independent Health. However, along with the launch of this new mobile app came an exponential increase in new test maintenance responsibilities. 

“Don’t get me wrong, I thought it was a great idea and could absolutely see how it would benefit our members. But, from my application testing perspective, it posed a big challenge. Testing for two operating systems, Android and iOS, with different implementations, locators, and object identifiers had the potential to significantly increase our test maintenance cost and effort. I was also worried that we would not be able to keep up with the fast pace of change in a mobile app."

The goal was to support the launch of a mobile app with effective multi-platform, multi-device testing that would maintain quality standards while keeping up with the expected fast pace of change.

Read the full case study and solution here.

Jessica Roth

Micro Focus Community Manager
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