Webinar for Eastern U.S. & Canada - October 1: Find the performance engineering sweet spot


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To most of us, app failure is an irritation. But what about companies in the Fortune 1000? IDC figures referenced in this blog quote unplanned application downtime costs of up to $2.5bn every year.

So if application performance is mission-critical for the business, who must deliver it?

Performance cannot depend on quality assurance (QA) alone. It must be the responsibility of everyone, from the designer through to performance engineer, so teams design better software from the start. But what does that look like?

Join this interactive discussion to understand how the integrated solutions within the LoadRunner Family can help create a robust performance engineering practice.

To sweeten the deal we will gift every attendee an assortment of Cheryl's Gourmet Cookies. cookies.png

Along the way you’ll learn to:

• Prioritize responsibilities across developers, testers, and performance engineers
• Broaden the integration of performance into the CI/CD process
• Continuously monitor and analyze performance from build to production
• Achieve maximum scalability at a lower cost

There’s something for everyone. Space is limited, so if you're in the Eastern U.S. or Canada register today.

Heather Caldwell
Micro Focus Community Manager
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