Webinar: Proactive Performance Testing

Seems obvious, but ShowTime is no time to rehearse. Likewise, companies cannot afford to wait for seasonal spikes or another global pandemic to see if their applications can cope. Peak web or mobile traffic affects both external and internal apps and impacts revenue, brand reputation, and productivity. Testing teams need to strive for 99.99% availability and make sure they have consistent responsiveness under varying load conditions.

To survive peak traffic, teams must plan for the big events they know about and prepare for those they don’t.

Join this webinar to learn about:
• Best practices for creating a robust peak traffic testing strategy
• LoadRunner Cloud, the world’s leading cloud base performance testing solution
• How to rapidly plan, run, and scale load tests without the need to deploy and manage infrastructure, in an efficient and cost effective manner
• The must-have analytics and reporting capabilities required for peak traffic success
Live online Sep 8 11:00 am United States - New York  or after on demand, 60 mins
Presented by
Anders Nilsson, Sr Technical Solutions Consultant, Micro Focus

Heather Caldwell
Micro Focus Community Manager
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