Caliber 11.5 now available

What's New in 11.5

Enhanced Support for Secure Email Notifications Using SMTP TLS for MS Exchange Server 2007 and Later

Email notification can now be configured to send through secure SMTP (SMTP TLS) accounts. Caliber supports Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and later. Users can now authenticate using username and password. Caliber provides credentials for password-based authentication schemes. Additionally, Caliber supports encryption using TLS.

Updated EULA

This version of Caliber contains an updated license agreement (EULA) that installs with the update.

Support for Windows 10

This release introduces support for Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Pro in 32-bit and 64-bit.

Support for Microsoft Office 2016

This release introduces support for Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016.


Caliber Author Shows Server Filters at Current Project Level

Caliber Author has a new system option, named Show server filters at current project level, under the General Tab of the Options Dialog Box. When the option is selected (default is unselected), Caliber Data Server returns the saved server filters that are defined for current project use, excluding those with the Project criteria explicitly defined for non-current projects. The returned filter list is displayed in the drop-down list under Rows in the Grid Filter dialog box, the drop-down lists under Rows and Columns in the Traceability Filter dialog box, and the Available Filters list in the Filter Manager dialog box. The server filters that do not include any Project criteria are considered for all projects and are displayed.

Note: This feature recognizes the Project criteria defined using the "Equals" operator. All the other operators are ignored.

New Revisions Option

With this release of Caliber, Caliber administrators can choose a project option requiring users to select revision types of major or minor. A Major revision will increment each change with a whole number, i.e. 1.0, 2.0, 3.0. Whereas, a minor revision increments each change with a decimal, i.e. 1.1, 1.2, 1.3. This setting overrides default Caliber revision updates on requirement changes.

Provide Configuration for separating StarTeam Server and StarTeam Agile Server

Because users are likely to install StarTeam server and StarTeam Agile’s web server on different computers, we redesigned the configuration dialog for easier setup. . See Technical Notes below for more details.

New Trace From Field in Requirement Grid Filter

A new criteria field, Trace From., located in the Requirement Grid Filter, displays requirements with or without traces from Quality Center objects. The Trace From field uses the Equals or Not Equals operator.

Note: To use the Trace From criteria, upgrade Caliber Author and Data Server.

New Status Pane in Requirement Grid

We added a status pane in Requirement Grid to display the number of selected requirements.

Requirement Description Size

The maximum number of characters allowed by the Requirement Description View can be configured through a new registry key named max_description_length. See Technical Notes below for details.

Improved Caliber Author Suite Installation

You can now select/deselect Author suite components during installation. Additionally, the Author Suite installation now supports a Modify mode, used to uninstall/install selected components.

Fixed RPI 1101674: Meaning Label

Changed the label named "meaning" to the name "status" for clarity.

Fixed RPI 1106558: UDAs Cannot Be Changed if the Name Includes a "\" Character

User defined attributes can now be changed if the name contains special characters.


Enhanced User Report

User reports now include Title, whether or not user can perform baseline administration, and whether or not user can manage glossary terms.

Document Factory Users Group

As requested in RPI 1100800, Caliber Administrator can create a special user group using the reserved name Document Factory Users. After using and adding users to the Document Factory Users group, only the users within the group have permission to run Document Factory. Users not included in the group cannot run Document Factory. If the administrator does not create the group,, then all users can have access to Document Factory.

Note: To implement the Document Factory Users group feature, upgrade Caliber Data Server.

Data Server

Security from DROWN Vulnerability

The Caliber Data Server is secure from DROWN vulnerability. There are no configuration steps or other updates required.

CRMDIAG Uses Available Memory

The 64-bit crmdiag tool, by default, uses the available  memory, improving performance and speed.

Enhanced Windows Authentication

Improved IWA/LDAP configuration and authentication mechanisms.

Support for Versant

Caliber now supports Versant version


Match Case and Match Whole Word

Review offers the options to search matching case or using whole word. Check the appropriate boxes to enable searching with these capabilities. For example, if you do not select the check boxes and search for the word "Home", Review search will display both "home" and "Home".

Search in Project Baselines

Caliber now offers the ability to search by name, ID, or description in the project baseline.

Support for Java 1.8

Java 1.8 now installs with Caliber Review Server.

Ability to Change Password from Login Page

Users now have the ability to change their password at the login page. Click the Change Password link to open the Change Password dialog.

Display Rally Delivery Status Details in Traceability

Review now provides the ability to view Rally delivery status details from within Traceability. You must first create a Rally trace for a requirement in Caliber Author's Delivery Status tab. Open Review and navigate to the requirement and the trace. If you press the Ctrl key and click on the Rally trace, a dialog appears, showing the detail of the Rally story. Alternatively, if you only click the Rally trace, a new browser window opens, taking you directly to the Rally Story.

Document Factory

New Document Factory Keywords for the $BEGIN_TRACES and $END_TRACES Commands

Added two new keywords, <<Trace_Hierarchy>> and <<Trace_External>> to the $BEGIN_TRACES/$END_TRACES commands. Use both keywords as a parameter for $SORT_TRACES command. <<Trace_Hierarchy>> indicates the hierarchy number of the traced requirement. <<Trace_External>> indicates whether the trace is to/from an external Caliber object.


  • Both Document Factory and Caliber Data Server must be upgraded to the latest version in order to retrieve the hierarchy numbers of traced requirements from a Caliber project.
  • Not-Applicable replaces <<Trace_Hierarchy>> for external Caliber trace objects.

New Document Factory Keyword for Trace URLs

A new keyword <<Trace_ReqUrl>> has been added to the $BEGIN_TRACES/$END_TRACES command in Document Factory. <<Trace_ReqUrl>> extracts hyperlinks to Trace To or From requirement objects. The name of Trace To or From requirement displays as the hypertext in Document Factory reports. Click the hypertext to open the requirement in Caliber Author.


  • Document Factory substitutes <<Trace_ReqUrl>> with name in plain text of Trace To or From object for external traces.
  • Place <<Trace_ReqUrl>> on a line by itself in the template. This will make sure the output document retains an easy to read format.

Fixed RPI 1106436: $END_SIGN_ROW Appearing in Document

$END_SIGN_ROW no longer appears in the document.

Fixed RPI 1105941 and 1106514: Inline Filter with User Defined Attribute Name Similar to Requirement Type Causes Document Factory to Fail

Document Factory no longer fails when using an inline filter with a similar name to a user defined attribute.


Support for Rally API Key with Caliber Integration

You now must generate a Rally API Key and configure your integration so that users can open Rally from Caliber without logging into Rally each time. Refer to the Configuring Rally Integration with Caliber topic in the help. When you supply the Rally API Key it is encrypted when saved.

Quality Center Secure Mode

You can now publish to Quality Center on the secure mode of Quality Center 12.


Fixed RPI 1103229: Issue with Shortcuts

Shortcuts now appear with correct names after installation is complete.


Fixed RPI 1106863: SDK Non Administrator User Can Be Added to the Admin Group

Improved the User Access Control so that non-administrator users cannot be added to tha Admin Group. Additionally, user ID cannot be changed from the Caliber SDK.