Released: Atlas 3.0

Borland proudly announces the general availability of Atlas 3.0! If you already use Atlas and you have a maintenance contract, you can upgrade to Atlas 3.0 for free.

Borland Atlas is a central platform for gathering and delivering requirements. New features and improvements mean Atlas now offers even more flexibility to help teams collaborate efficiently and stay in sync. Business as well as Agile teams can clearly see a real-time status of their software delivery life-cycle. Respond faster to market demands with Atlas' new Agile requirements management features.

Additional Report Options

You can now add or remove page breaks between Atlas artifacts like Requirements and Stories.Additionally, you can choose to include system attributes in your reports.

Testing Tool Integration

Atlas can now connect directly to your testing tool to send and synchronize Requirements. When tests occur, Atlas receives the test execution status in the context of the Requirements. To do this, an administrator will connect your testing tool to Atlas via Borland Connect, and users can use the Define and Track perspectives to view test execution details.

Detailed Activity Feed

The activity feed is now organized into easy to follows sections with nesting to identify relationships. At a glance, you can view changes to your items, track status on Requirements and Stories, and view warnings that highlight items that Atlas has identified may need action..

Agree or Disagree in Discussions

With the new Agree or Disagree buttons, you no longer have to reply to a discussion to express your opinion on a topic. Quickly click Agree or Disagree button next to the user's comment. After the team has come to a resolution, contributors can close the discussions as Approved or Rejected.

Intuitive Discussions Functionality

Discussions are now organized by topic with replies nested below the associated topics. Collapsed topics contain details of last time or date updated, participant names, topic title, description, and approve or reject status. Additionally, clicking GoTo on a discussion from the Activity Feed with open the discussion in the exact position of the new item.

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