Released: Atlas 4.0

Borland proudly announces the general availability of Atlas 4.0! If you already use Atlas and you have a maintenance contract, you can upgrade to Atlas 4.0 for free.

Borland Atlas is a central platform for gathering and delivering requirements. New features and improvements mean Atlas now offers even more flexibility to help teams collaborate efficiently and stay in sync. Business as well as Agile teams can clearly see a real-time status of their software delivery life-cycle. Respond faster to market demands with Atlas' new Agile requirements management features.

Introducing Atlas Team

Atlas Team is the new delivery-focused application within the Atlas Planning and Tracking Suite allowing agile teams to breakdown and manage work delivery in agile cadence. Some features include:

• Enables definition and breakdown of program objectives into actionable stories.
• Defines/manages sprints and team releases.
• Collaborate and status with the Team Room's List and Card views.
• Tracks progress against defined dates and payloads.

Redesigned Filters

Filters now open in a separate dialog box that has been redesigned to show filters in a clear, concise, and understandable way.

You can view the filter list while creating new filters and make inline edits of a selected filter. Additionally, you can duplicate an existing filter to use its criteria toward a new filter.

Track Requirement Progress across Projects in Gantt

Atlas offers a new column in the Gantt chart called Projects, enabling you to quickly view the requirement's
progress across all projects.

Click the Requirement to open the various associated stories and projects.

New Relationship Capabilities

Relationship types and direction can be defined through the relationship dialog boxes as you step through setting up relationships.

This offers more control over the direction and type of relationship while you are creating it or editing it.
Additionally, relationships can be filtered by status in the Relationship tab.

Ability to Push Stories to Multiple Projects

Atlas now provides the ability to push stories to multiple projects. The Server Administrator creates a Delivery Projects user defined attribute, assigns projects to it, and attaches the UDA to the appropriate
Requirement Type.

When users push to backlog, a story is added to the projects that were selected in the Delivery Projects UDA.

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