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Welcome to the Caliber Community!

One of the defining aspects of good requirements management practice is active stakeholder involvement as part of the development and refinement process. Borland wants you to be an active part of the Caliber community and development process, in order to help us build the tools that will help your team to be successful delivering your own products. Participation in an active product community enables us to be more flexible with our development priorities while staying in touch with customer needs. Not to mention the added bonus of being able to share your own experiences and best practices with your peers around the globe.

What is Micro Focus Caliber?

Micro Focus Caliber allows software delivery organizations to:

  • Keep changing business objectives and needs in alignment with software development teams
  • Manage, share and validate project requirements across distributed teams and stakeholders
  • Combine visual and textual requirements to create a common vision and shared responsibility for project outcomes

Getting Started

Visit our Getting Started page for guidance on setting up Caliber for evaluation or production purposes.

This is your one-stop shop for Caliber information.

The Forums are where you can ask questions about Caliber as well as discuss issues related to requirements definition and management. You can tell us what you like and don't like about Caliber as well as make requests for enhancements or features that will make it easier for your teams to manage their project requirements, specification documents and interactive simulations. Also check out the Caliber User Group forum if you are interested in reaching other Caliber users in your region,

Wiki documentation that includes user information as well as best practices. The Help link within Borland Caliber will bring you to the product documentation page. There are two wikis under the tab:

  • Patch Information - This wiki contains information on all patches as they get released.
  • How to videos – A collection of videos taking you step by step through various scenarios such as installation, creating requirements, etc.
  • Product Documentation - This is where you will find the Quick Start Guide, Administrator Guide, and User Guide.

The Files tab house other documents and videos about Caliber, including white papers, Data Sheets, and video tutorials. We would love to see videos from our users sharing their best practices using Caliber as part of your requirements definition and management process.

Blogs provide a place for product managers to highlight new features and gather feedback from you on what you need from us.

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