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Caliber 11.0 now available!

Caliber 11.0 redefines modern requirements definition and management

Borland is pleased to announce that Caliber 11.0 is launching on 28 September 2012. This release is a true milestone for this industry leading requirements product due to it's unique combination of requirements authoring, visualization and review capabilities in one solution.

Increasingly, organisations are demanding ways to combine more visual approaches to requirements definition with existing text based requirements. This is exactly where the new release of Caliber delivers. By providing tools for rapid prototyping, interactive simulation and graphical scenario design, Caliber users benefit from direct access to visualizations embedded within the text based authoring environment. Caliber ensure that teams have a shared view of requirements from inception, all the way through to release, in a medium that suits their style of working. A unified approach to requirements definition and management helps align business objectives to development effort and ensure that software projects meet business needs and cope with changing demands as they occur. 

Caliber 11 is organized into three intuitive components to give users a comprehensive end-to-end requirements definition and management solution:

Caliber Author – Requirement authors deserve a rich, robust authoring environment. Author provides:

  • modern Windows requirement authoring environment
  • stylish “ribbon” interface grouping common user actions together for better usability
  • common user actions grouped together to provide improved productivity for both existing and new users

Caliber Visualize – Allows users to see visual representation of use cases, process flows and interactive simulation, and directly relate visualizations to requirements. Visualize provides:

  • ability to define/capture visual business scenarios, story boarding, and interactive simulation via a browser interface
  • simulation and scenario execution, allowing remote users to stay in sync with requirement development and change
  • collection of feedback from everyone involved, early in the development process

Caliber Review - Keeps all project stakeholders in sync by facilitating the viewing and searching of Caliber requirements / visualizations, and providing collaborative discussion. Review provides:

  • all business stakeholders the ability to review, to contribute and to be fully engaged with project requirements
  • immediately synchronized visibility to discussions across all three components (Author, Visualize and Review)

 Requirements Delivery Visibility

The new agile integration for Caliber 11 enables real requirements management in conjunction with Agile development practices. It allows organizations to transition to agile while respecting existing business roles and practices. Using Caliber, users can take standard requirements and enable team members to see delivery status in real time through a portal to their Agile tools. In addition, users can create stories and view agile delivery status from the context of the business requirement. With Caliber your teams can provide structure to an unstructured Agile world by providing agile teams visibility back to the original business need (requirement). Caliber users benefit in turn by being able to assess the impact of pending requirement changes to active and planned work. The current integration supports both Rally and Microsoft TFS and will be integrated with StarTeam Agile’s “Info Streams” in due course. 

Caliber 11 presents unbeatable value for money as a requirements solution to both new and existing users. Existing customers are encouraged to contact Borland to enquire about the attractive upgrade path available to them.

Visit the Caliber product page for more information.