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Caliber 11.5 hotfix 1 now available

What's New in 11.5.1


Mapped and Shared Requirements Denoted with Icon in Requirement Tree

The Requirement Tree icons now display as unique icons for mapped and shared requirements, making it easy to see what requirements are mapped or shared without opening the Mapped Diagram.

Fixed RPI 1107470: OLE Object Image Not Matching DAT File

OLE object image now matches DAT file.

Fixed RPI 1104820: Create New Powerpoint Slide Functionality Missing

Create Power Point object functionality has been restored in this release.

Fixed RPI 1106798: Validation of Data Type Long Integer

Caliber Author will not save a requirement if the entry does not conform to the specified Data Type (Long Integer, Range[0 to 999999]).

Fixed RPI 1103332: Modifications upon Initial Insert of PowerPoint Object not Shown in Requirement Description

Edited OLE objects images now display with the updated information.


Support for Java 1.8

Java 1.8 now installs with Caliber Visualize Server.

Support for Tomcat 8.5.9

Tomcat 8.5.9 now installs with Caliber Visualize Server.

Data Server

Fixed RPI 1107589: Caliber Server 11.5 Does Not Recognize BLS Licenses

Caliber Data Server now recognizes BLS licenses.

Fixed RPI 1106772: Penetration Test Session ID Always Starts with 0

Caliber Data Server now assigns a random number as a session ID.

Document Factory

Fixed RPI 1105692: Large Generated Document with OLE Objects, Images Have Linked Files

Introduced a new option for Document Factory that if selected, only includes OLE images in the Document Factory report. This reduced file size and reduces processing time.

Fixed RPI 1107143: Document Factory Fails on Test Templates

Improved Document Factory to find the best matched UDA name.

Fixed RPI 1107317: Document Factory Throws a Runtime Error when Reporting a Traced Project

Document Factory no longer throws runtime errors for traced projects when the user does not have permission to the project.