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Released : Caliber 11.4 Hotfix 12

What's New in 11.4.12


Fixed RPI 1101080: Align Lines in Baseline Report

Lines in the baseline comparison report are now aligned and the collapse/expand icon shows the correct icons. Added Truncate Long Names option in Compare Baselines dialog to address potential line alignment issues in a baseline comparison report.

Fixed RPI 1102379: Requirement Descriptions No Longer Corrupted

Requirement descriptions are no longer corrupted when Microsoft Office item insertions fail.


Fixed RPI 1095347: Increased Security

Enabled Browser Mime Sniffing to increase security.


Support for Rally API Key with Caliber Integration

You now must generate a Rally API Key and configure your integration so that users can open Rally from Caliber without logging into Rally each time. Refer to the Configuring Rally Integration with Caliber topic in the help. When you supply the Rally API Key it is encrypted when saved.

Fixed RPI 1103101: Unlimited Number of Rally Projects in Search Results

When searching Rally projects from Caliber, the search results return an unlimited number or projects that meet the criteria.

Document Factory

Fixed RPI 1101769: Better Handling of Large Reports on 32-Bit Systems

Document Factory report generation now efficiently handles large reports on 32-bit systems.