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Released : Caliber 11.4 Hotfix 14

What's New in 11.4.14

Updated EULA

This version of Caliber contains an updated license agreement (EULA) that installs with the update.


Caliber Author Shows Server Filters at Current Project Level

Caliber Author has a new system option, named Show server filters at current project level, under the General Tab of the Options Dialog Box. When the option is selected (default is unselected), Caliber Data Server returns the saved server filters that are defined for current project use, excluding those with the Project criteria explicitly defined for non-current projects. The returned filter list is displayed in the drop-down list under Rows in the Grid Filter dialog box, the drop-down lists under Rows and Columns in the Traceability Filter dialog box, and theAvailable Filters list in the Filter Manager dialog box. The server filters that do not include any Project criteria are considered for all projects and are displayed.

Note: This feature recognizes the Project criteria defined using the "Equals" operator. All the other operators are ignored.

Fixed RPI 1101812: History Displaying Misinformation

History now displays the correct information pertaining to the actual users.

Fixed RPI 1088514: User Defined Aattributes Not Sorting in Requirement Grid

UDA sort order has now been corrected in the Requirement Grid.


Enhanced User Report

User reports now include Title, whether or not user can perform baseline administration, and whether or not user can manage glossary terms.

Data Server

Security from DROWN Vulnerability

The Caliber Data Server is secure from DROWN vulnerabilty. There are no configuration steps or other updates required.

Document Factory

Fixed RPI 1103772: Error on Document Factory When a User Has Signed a Baseline More Than Once

Caliber Review allows a user to sign a single baseline more than once. If the user does so, then any Document Factory report that tries to write the signatures displays the error: “Invalid parameters: An item with the same key has already been added”. The issue has been resolved in this release.


Ability to Change Password from Login Page

Users now have the ability to change their password at the login page.Click the Change Passord link to open the Change Password dialog.


Fixed RPI 606129: Syntax Error in Help Topic

In the Printing Requirement Discussions in a Table topic in the online help, fixed syntax to read as $BEGIN_DISCUSSIONS.