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Released : Caliber 11.4 Hotfix 15

What's New in 11.4.15


Fixed RPI 1085748: Text not found when searching

When the description field contains html character, the requirement grid does not return search information. The issue has been resolved in this release.

Fixed RPI 1103919: SCM Add-in not available

SCM add-in now availalbe.


Support for Java 1.8

Java 1.8 now installs with Caliber Review Server.

Fixed RPI 1104749: " User Must Change Password at next logon" blocks user

You can now change your password in review in 11.4.14. However if you select in the Caliber Administrator User Must Change Password at Next Logon you will not be able to log into Caliber Review. Additionally, you cannot change your password. The issue has been resolved in this release.

Document Factory

Fixed RPI 1104029: Document Factory output Issues with list UDA selections in table

Outputs were shown as Integers instead of the string value. Resolved the issue with list UDA values when presented inside a table.

Fixed RPI 1104124: Indentation without number using "," with regional settings causes issues.

$INDENTION_LEVEL{0} $INDENTION_SIZE{0} now work with non-english separators such as a "," instead of a ".".