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Released : Caliber 11.4 Hotfix 17

Deprecated Features

Caliber 11.4.17 is the last release that ships the following components. There will be no updates to these products in Caliber 11.5 and future releases. Support is offered on older versions. Contact Custom Support for more information.

  • Estimate Pro Integration
  • Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 integration
  • Caliber Web Client

Deprecated Support for 32-Bit Server Operating Systems

Caliber support for 32-bit operating systems has been deprecated for the Caliber Visualize Server and the Caliber Data Server. In a future release of Caliber (11.5), support for 32-bit server operating systems will be dropped for those servers.

Micro Focus strongly recommends moving to 64-bit servers. Contact Customer Support for assistance with upgrading to 64-bit.

What's New in 11.4.17

Enhanced Support for Secure Email Notifications Using SMTP TLS for MS Exchange Server 2007 and Later

Email notification can now be configured to send through secure SMTP (SMTP TLS) accounts. Caliber supports Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and later. Users can now authenticate using username and password. Caliber provides credentials for password-based authentication schemes. Additionally, Caliber supports encryption using TLS.


Fixed RPI 614259: Sub-Requirement Containing "Created By" in Filter Does Not Produce Results

Requirement Grid filters with sub-requirements and filtered with "created by" now return results. For example, the following filter criteria will produce a list in the grid containing the requirements that match.


Project Equals "Company Standards"

Sub-requirement of ID Equals 71

Created By Equals "mmanager"

Fixed RPI 1105221: Query with Date not Working in Requirement Grid

All Create Date queries no provide the correct results.


Match Case and Match Whole Word

Review offers the options to search matching case or using whole word. Check the appropriate boxes to enable searching with these capabilities. For example, if you do not select the check boxes and search for the word "Home", Review search will display both "home" and "Home".

Document Factory

Fixed RPI 1102685: Document Factory Creates Extra Carriage Returns

Extra empty paragraphs will not appear after each requirement description in Document Factory reports when the registry keyComputer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Borland|DocFactory\Settings\RemoveEmptyParagraphAfterRichText is set to 1.