Released: Caliber 11.4 HotFix 2

What's New

Caliber Author Suite

Caliber now provides a full Caliber Author installation package that includes all Author components. This package does not include the Caliber Data Server. With the three variations of installation packages, (Caliber Author Only, Caliber Author and Data Server, and Caliber Author Suite), you can now customize your installation in any way you prefer.

Eclipse 4.4 Support

The Caliber Eclipse integrations now suports Eclipse version 4.4.

Resolved Issues in 11.4.2:

This update includes fixes for the following issues(Caliber Author and Data Server, Caliber Visualize, Caliber Review

CategoryRPI NumberDescription
Author 1097924 Improved performance speed when switching between projects during a trace.
Data Server 1098038 Added ability to turn email notifications on or off. See Known Issues in this document for instructions.
Data Server 1098236 Improved performance on split server environments.
Baselines 1096482 Improved baseline maintenance functionality.
Document Factory 1096912 Improved indentation by using both a comma and a decimal point as separators. By default, Document Factory only interprets decimal value with "." as separation. Without support of "," in these countries, Document Factory throws an error and can't generate a report. After this fix, Document Factory supports both. This value tell how much indentation the line will have, such as "2.5"
Document Factory 1098175 Resolves an invalid parameter error caused by _vsnprintf_s() library call exception in CaliberCommon Dll.
Document Factory 1098557 Improved UDA case sensitivity.
Licensing 1097480 Improved 64-bit server recognition of licenses.
Integration 1096822 Improved integration with SilkCentral.

Caliber 11.4 Hotfix 2 for Author/Dataserver/Visualize/Review is available from the Microfocus Supportline website.