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Released : Caliber 11.5 Hotfix 3

What's New in 11.5 Hotfix 3

Caliber Author

Organize Baselines into Hierarchical Tree
Caliber Author now provides administrators with the ability to organize baselines into a customizable tree


Caliber Data Server

Default Font in Caliber Configurable at Data Server Level
You can now configure the requirement description font from Data Server settings. In this release, the
setting is available from the registry Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Borland
\CaliberRM\11.5\Server\ReqDescription. In a future release, the font configuration will be
available in the Data Server Control Panel.


Caliber Document Factory


You can now exclude traces from certain projects and requirement type sets with the new command,
$EXCLUDE_TRACES, in Document Factory.



The following items have been fixed for this release:


Caliber Data Server

RPI 578789: Deleted Administrator Users Receive Email Notification

Modified the Session Monitor to send database space alerts to administrator users with normal account


RPI 623313: Cross-Site Scripting - Reflected Security Vulnerability

HTML injection is a type of attack focused upon the way HTML content is generated and interpreted by

browsers at client side. To counter this security vulnerability, a couple XSS weaknesses that were found

during PEN test have been eliminated.

RPI 627072: User Still Receives Notification after Being Removed from Assigned Group

Baseline signatory can now be removed from signatories list after the user is unassigned from all project

groups. Also, prevents email notifications from being sent to the unassigned user for baseline lock and

maintenance changes.



Document Factory

RPI 1108534: Document Factory Missing Images in Document

If a large document with numerous requirements and OLE objects is generated in Document Factory, an

"Out of Memory" issue happens during processing the image and OLE objects in Microsoft Word. Microsoft

Word omits the images or objects from the resulting document.

To fix the issue, if a large document creates and "Out of Memory" issue, the report displays the OLE

objects as the images only. Users cannot launch the application from the report.




RPI 607782: Update to "Enabling Move Requirement" Topic

Updated steps in Enabling Move Requirement to include correct tab name.

RPI 1100964: Incorrect Package Name in Caliber SDK Documentation

VB for importing library now appears as Imports Starbase.CaliberRM.Interop.

RPI 1102937: Revision of Caliber Visualize Documentation

Removed outdated Working with Integrated - Caliber Projects section.