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Released : Caliber 11.5 Hotfix 4

What's New

The following sections contain information about what's new for each release:


11.5.4 The following are the new items added for this release:


Caliber Data Server


Set Non-Explicit Fonts through Caliber Data Server Settings


You can now set non-explicit fonts for requirement descriptions from the Caliber Data Server Settings. This ensures that fonts are consistent among users. However, users can override the font by setting explicit fonts from within Caliber Author. If you do not set the default non-explicit font, the non-explicit font type will be determined by the browser font options of each user.


Caliber Visualize


Support for Apache Tomcat 8.5.15


Apache Tomcat 8.5.15 now installs with Caliber Visualize.



Copy and Paste Scenario Includes Traces


When you copy and paste a scenario, traces at the parent level are copied and pasted with it.



Copy and Paste Simulation Includes Traces


When you copy and paste a simulation, traces at the parent level are copied and pasted with it.



Caliber Review


Caliber Review Supports Apache Tomcat 8.0.44


Caliber Review now supports Apache Tomcat 8.0.44.






Reset HP Quality Center Credentials from Caliber


Author Caliber Author now provides the ability to reset HP Quality Center credentials from the Traceability tab.







The following sections list the fixes for each release.




The following items have been fixed for this release:


Caliber Author


RPI 1101949: When IWA is Unchecked the Server and User details Should be remembered


Caliber Author, Administrator, and import now retains Windows user ID for Caliber Author login when IWA login option is selected and deselected.




RPI 1103731: Better Error Message for Caliber Author: Error: Internal Error 93-U


Error message has been broken into two different descriptive messages for each possible error scenario.



RPI 1105459: OLE Objects Show "X" after Importing from Word


The issue happens when there are images in the Microsoft Word document that need to be imported. The issue has been fixed in this release.



RPI 1110535: Unable to Create a New Baseline Folder in Chinese OS


Caliber Author no longer crashes after creating a Baseline folder on Chinese operating system.


RPI 1110572: Issues with Resizing the Baseline Window


The baseline tree remains editable after resizing the Open Baseline window.




Caliber Visualize


RPI 1100372: Caliber Visualize Configuration Does Not Save User Password


Refer to Conflict with Caliber Visualize and InstallAnywhere Characters in the Technical Notes section of the Release Notes for more details.



Document Factory


RPI 1109212: Option Only Display Images for OLE Objects Activated as Default


The Document Factory option Only Display Images for OLE Objects is now set to true by default.





RPI 617340: Work Item Description Automatically Updated in Team Foundation System


For requirements associated with TFS Work Items, a new popup menu item Update Description has been added under the Delivery Status tab in Caliber Author in order to synchronize the Work Item Details or Summary tab with an updated description of the associated requirement. Note: This feature is valid for all the TFS Work Item types except the Bug type.


RPI 629877: Visual Studio plugin Doesn't Work with Latest Caliber Java SDK


Visual Studio now works with new Caliber Java SDK versions.