Released : Caliber 11.5 Hotfix 5

What's New


The following sections contain information about what's new for each release:



The following are the new items added for this release:

Caliber Author


User Display Options

Caliber Author now offers different options by which to display users:

  • User ID
  • first and last name
  • last and first name



Baseline Column Added to Requirement History Tab


A Baseline column has been added to the Requirement History tab, making it easy to find the baseline

associated with each requirement version.


New Requirement Grid Filter: Modified By

You can now filter the Requirement grid by users who have modified the requirements. Additionally, a new Modified By column is available in the Requirement grid.





Caliber Document Factory


Document Factory Ensures Word Document Isn't Locked

Document Factory now ensures that the target or result Word document isn't locked. This check occurs early in the Document Factory process.







The following sections list the fixes for each release.


The following items have been fixed for this release:


Caliber Author


RPI 1098991: Content Format Inconsitent

Resolved Caliber Author description font inconsistency when adding a new line.


RPI 1103750: Sorting Traces Does Not Work (Intermittent)

Performance has been improved when sorting Traces.


Caliber Document Factory


RPI 1102880: Some Text of Descriptions Seem to Disappear in Generated Document Factory Document

Non-wrapping text in the margin has been resolved.