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Released : Caliber 11.5 Hotfix 7

What's New


The following sections contain information about what's new for each release:


The following are the new items added for this release:



Caliber Author


Filter Manager Shared View


Filter maintenance has been further improved with an additional Shared Filter tree view. The shared view can be created and modified by Administrator users only, and is read only to all other users. Set the Shared View in the Options dialog boxGeneral tab.

Note: Upgrade to Caliber Data Server 11.5.7 in order to properly use the Shared Filter tree.


Depending on the options set in the Options dialog box:

  • You must be the filter owner to organize filters. or
  • You must have Caliber or Project Administrative privileges to organize filters.


If choosing the User Defined View option in the Options dialog box, do not renameGlobal filters because this may unexpectedly impact the Shared view.

If choosing the Shared View option in the Options dialog box, the following changesare expected from the Filter Manager dialog:


  • Only Global filters display in the Available Filters list.
  • Global check box is disabled.
  • Newly created or duplicate filters are set to Global by default.


Filter names must be unique.



Selecting Filters from Hierarchy


You can now select a filter for the Requirement Grid from the Filter Manager, allowing you to search within the hierarchy or withing a flat list. Simply click the Browse button in the Filter dialog to open the Filter Manager.


Restore Deleted Requirements

Restoring deleted requirements is an easy drag-and-drop action. Open two instances of Caliber Author, open the Deleted View baseline in one and open the target baseline in another. Locate the requirement you want to restore and drag it from the Deleted View to the target baseline. A System Administrator must activate this feature by selecting Allow recovery of deleted requirements in the Caliber Administrator tool.



Caliber Data Server

Support for VisiBroker 8.5 SP3 Caliber Data Server now supports VisiBroker 8.5 SP3.




Caliber Review


New Icons to Indicate if a Baseline was Signed

If a user signs a baseline in Caliber Review and that user has two other baselines to sign, Caliber Review now indicates that a baseline has already been signed with a new icon.


Support Java JDK Caliber Review now supports JDK


Caliber Visualize


Support for Java JDK Caliber Visualize now supports Java JDK





The following sections list the fixes for each release.



The following items have been fixed for this release:




RPI 1112215: Caliber Quality Center

Integration Traceability Inconsistency

Resolved Quality Center server not available error on a secure connection.




Caliber SDK


RPI 1112628: HTML Tags Added to

setDescription() in Caliber SDK

setDescription() properly updates the requirement description field.