How to install Together 12.6?

I registered for a Together trial/demo. I got an email welcoming me and providing me with a download link. I downloaded the .zip. I unpacked it to a directory wihout spaces as described in the email and now what?

There are no executables in it, only tons .jar files (the package and features subdirectories seems to suggest that this is somehow Eclipse related or similar). There is no installer in that .zip, there is no readme, there were no instructions in the email (other than one should unpack this to a directory without spaces in the path). So, what am I supposed to do with the stuff obtained now? What an odd welcome this is...

  • Hi,

      For all versions since Together 2008 we no longer supply the Eclipse IDE with Together as there was so many different downloads for each version (also taking into account 32 and 64 bit releases). This needs to be downloaded from and then Together needs installed into it. The install instructions are included in the readme ;

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    OK - so I downloaded eclipse 4.3.1, I installed the Together 12.6 site file into it (selecting ALL options) - they installed fine.

    But now there seems to be another issue. The referenced readme states to run the license manager. Where does one get that from? How to install? Where is that? Was that already installed with the site file above? If so: then how does one fire this up?

    This Together-thing (or at least its setup) doesn't exactly seem fully baked, yet. Some slightly less terse and cryptic instructions wouldn't harm!

    Any hints?


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    OK - by accident I found the license server in the Windows start menu. For those thinking otherwise: it is *non-obvious* that some packages installed into eclipse create any Window services or Windows Start menu entry! You need to tell that to your prospective users!

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      The Microfocus License Manager is installed the first time you try to use any of the Together functionality however if you have a previously installed Borland/Microfocus product which uses this form of licensing it will detect this and not install it.

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    I am pretty sure, I had *no* microfocus license manager installed before - at least not that I was aware of any.

    And there was *no* popup, dialogue, message or anything what-so-ever re. installation of the license manager during the first couple of startups. All I got was an error message "This feature is missing" when I tried to create any modeling-related new project type. From that I finally concluded that something re. the license might be missing, but to call that intuitive behavior....