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Together 12.6 Trial Install on Linux


I'm in the process of installing a trial of Together 12.6, and have already got a fully loaded version of Eclipse 4.3.1 ready.  The Together zip file has been added to the Eclipse install, and it all starts up nicely.....

However, installing the license server is more problematic!

I've obtained the trial license keys and information via email, and have pasted this into a text file.  When running the file from the eclipse directory, I get the following errors:

Micro Focus Licensing Installation

(C) 2013 Micro Focus.
./ 1: ./ ./bin/mfcesver: not found
You can rerun this script at any time to complete
-e the installation of the SafeNet Sentinel Licensing Software.

-e cd /spare/eclipse
-e ./

I've logged in as root, and the puzzling part is that the executable listed can't be run, even though I can see it!

Has anyone had issues with the license installation?  All I want to do is run the trial to see if it suits our needs before committing to purchase!


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       You can configure all the local license servers to point to a central license server which will allow them to check out and check in licenses (concurrent licensing). All models of licensing that where previously available are still available (just configured differently).

  • In reply to GaryR:

    Further to the above, my trial licence expired, and I've submitted a request to get a new one a couple of times now, to no avail.  Am I restricted on the number of trial licences I can have?  I'm trying to get the person who will be teaching using Together to test it, but since 1st use they had a long period of absence, and now the 30 days is up :(

    I've sent a query today to ask if another trial licence is OK.  Without it, we can't proceed with testing, and won't be able to recommend purchase.