Questions about together 12.6

Hi. My name is seongju Oh and I am writing this fourm to ask about Together installation.

Last version of Together that I installed in my customer site was Together 2008 R3. Next week, I will install Together 12.6 in my new customer site and I have some questions.

1) In Together 2008 R3, there was a program called "BLS(Borland License Server)". Is this same in Together 12.6?

2) Is BLS(Borland License Server) necessary even if, the customer buy only one copy of license?

  • Hi,

      Together 12.6 no longer uses BLS. It has been replaced in later versions by a new licensing model called Safenet. This is installed locally to each machine after the main application has been installed.

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    Thanks for your answer. I have never heard about Safenet.

    Tentatively, I installed Together 12.6 in my personal computer. And also I installed License Manager, too.

    Are "Safenet" and "License Manager" different?

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      The Microfocus license manager is the software used to administer the Safenet license.

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    If so, what do I have to do?

    Is "Safenet" installed automatically?

    I have received a e-mail from microfocus that contain Serial Number(12 digits of number start with 600000), Product Name(Together 12.6), License Key(16 digits of number and alphabet), License Information.

    My plan was that after I install Together 12.6 and license manager, put authorization code(License Key).

    Is there anything I do more?

    Sorry my English is not good and I think it seems difficult to understand.

    If you don't understand my expression, please let me know.


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      The license manager is all that is required to be installed. This  will be installed the first time you start Together. One the license manager has installed you just need to start the application and enter your 16 character authorization code.

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    You means, Once the license manager has installed? "one the license manager" is mistake, am I right?

    I think,

    entering 16 character authorization code, after install together 12.6 and the license manager   is all I have to do.  Am I right?

    Sorry, it will be better if I am sure about that.

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      That is correct. The basic steps should be as follows;

    - Install Together.

    - Start Together for the first time which will prompt you to install the license manager.

    - Install and open license manager.

    - Enter 16 digit authorization code.

    - Restart Together.

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    That's all I have wanted information.

    I really thanks for your help.