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Together 12.5 CaliberRM integration now available.

The latest Together 12.5 integration with CaliberRM is available to download.


  • Gary,

    Now that the integration is available. What are the new features of Together 12.5? Versus Together 12.

    Could you point me to where I can find this documentation?



  • In reply to milagrosnguyen:

    After following the link. I see that I have access to both 12.0 and 12.5 Together Caliber Integration.

    I assume the 12.5 plug-in works with Together 12.5.

  • In reply to milagrosnguyen:


     Yes this is correct. It is for the current Together release (12.5).

  • In reply to milagrosnguyen:

    Hi Milagros,

        There is no new features as such with the 12.5 release. This is basically a maintenance release to keep up to date with the latest release of Eclipse. We also introduced a new license management system that replaces the three options previously integrated into Together.

    The next release is scheduled next month. On top of the usual Eclipse update we are also incorporating new functionality that will selectively load parts of new projects when they are required. We believe this will greatly enhance performance with large projects as it will no longer require the entire project to be loaded at startup.

  • In reply to GaryR:

    On creating traces between Together 12.6 and Caliber 11.3, I understand that a) Caliber for Ecplise 11.3 would need to be installed first then b) Together Caliber eclipse plug-in to be able to trace.

    If we have an actor who will create models in Together 12.6, but not create traces between the Together and Caliber objects. Could the installation of Together Caliber eclipse plug-in be skipped? not performed?

    If skipped, could this actor still see the traces that were created by others? between Together and Caliber?

    And given that this actor will not create Caliber entries, Caliber Author and Caliber for Eclipse will not be installed.

    Please verify this assumption.


  • In reply to milagrosnguyen:

    Hi Milagros,

        Just to confirm that I understand this correctly. You want to install Together without any integration (Both the Caliber for Eclipse and Together integration will not be installed) but you would still like to be able to follow traces that have been created by another user using the aforementioned integrations? This is not possible as all the functionality to see and follow traces is contained within the integration and without this traces will not exist.