AccuRev 6.2.1 Product Announcement

What’s New in AccuRev 6.2.1

Performance and scaling improvements:

  • Annotate has been refactored to improve performance on files with many revisions
  • AccuWork schema had a limitation in the schema that only allowed up to 200 fields. This limitation has been lifted and the schema now allows for up to 500 fields.

UI enhancements:

  • When performing searches from inside the Workspace Explorer there was no way to cancel or see the progress of the operation. There is now a “dialog progress bar” that allows to cancel search and see its progress.
  • The AccuRev client GUI now has the ability to support multiple GUI instances by setting the environment variable ACCUREV_GUI_INSTANCE. This will support up to 4 instances.
  • Items in the search results panel of the Workspace Explorer have a new context menu option “Go to Parent Folder=>In Workspace Explorer”, which enables the user to quickly navigate to the selected item in the Workspace Explorer’s file tree.
  • Items the user wishes to open an OS-specific file manager instead of using the Workspace Explorer, users can use the new context menu option “Go to Parent=>In OS File Manager”.
  • AccuRev has now been upgraded to use Java 1.7. Previous versions of AccuRev installed the Java 1.6 JRE. 6.2.1 installs Java 1.7 JRE

For a complete list of changes in this release, please refer to the 6.2.1 Release Notes