AccuRev Keep - Your Developers Moving Forward! AccuRev Admin’s Real Life Experiences // Long update time

A little background about me first. I’m a former AccuRev customer that worked at a Fortune 500 company for years before joining AccuRev in Technical Support. This blog will contain real life problems that I personally ran into while working for my former employer.

 Why is my workspace update taking sooo long? It’s been running for hours…

Have you looked at the Operating System’s log files? Upon examination the OS was screaming about a failing hard drive. Guess which one? That’s right, the one where the AccuRev workspace resides. Every write operation in the workspace would evoke another entry in the OS log file. Thankfully the /var/log/messages file was on a drive that was not failing or out of space.

 The solution was to replace the failing hard drive. Once that was done, the workspace re-populated “accurev pop –O –R .” (don’t forget the dot), AccuRev updates once again ran quickly.