Register for AccuRev's new Native Git Client Webinar

We have received invaluable feedback from a number of you that was fed into the new native Git Client (released as part of AccuRev 7.2 last month). In addition, for those that have attended the last couple of AccuRev CABs, your feedback was also captured and fed into the new native Git Client. In short, we’ve listened and now we’re excited to introduce you to our native Git Client. We will continue to enhance our Git Client over the coming releases based on our roadmap and your continued feedback (as well as from the CABs). With this release, customers who have Git today, can seamlessly integrate those users with AccuRev depots without causing any disruption with existing policies and practices or requiring any training, configuration or separate installation. Your Git users will be able to experience all the benefits you have entrusted with AccuRev such as:

  • Governance and compliance across your users and repositories
  • Auditability (history is 100% immutable)
  • Policy Management / Issue Enforcement (i.e. Change Packages)
  • Ability to centrally manage users, repositories and fine-grained access controls

Native Git Client:

  • The new native Git Client works with Git commands to interact with the AccuRev server
  • The client is invoked via the Git command line or via third-party Git GUI applications
  • Git users work within an existing AccuRev infrastructure to pull and push changes from an AccuRev stream, just as the AccuRev GUI and command line client work with update and promote commands.
  • With the new Native Git Client, there is no separate installation or configuration changes to the existing AccuRev server to use the AccuRev Git Client.
  • The new Native Git Client works in conjunction with all existing AccuRev processes, such as Change Packages as well as all triggers, ACL, EACL, locks, and user access

We invite you to attend this Live Webinar where we’ll demonstrate the new native Git Client. As a Live Webinar, you’ll have the opportunity to ask/submit questions. We are offering two different sessions for your convenience. Please click on the session that is most convenient for you and follow the instructions to register for the event.  

Thank you!


Tuesday, June 26th at 10am ET:

Wednesday, June 27th at 1pm ET: