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Want full control? Get connected

Micro Focus Connect provides a plug-in framework for integrating your existing tools and assets into StarTeam. Get connected and take advantage of a robust and scalable platform for coordinating and managing the entire software delivery process, across diverse methodologies and distributed teams.

Link it all together

The SDLC process is highly complex, with many factors to delicately coordinate. This makes maintaining visibility and traceability across multiple repositories and regions and across geographically distributed teams almost impossible. So how do you resolve it for your customers with the use of a single tool?

Micro Focus Connect is the answer

Micro Focus Connect enables item and relationship data synchronization between the StarTeam Server and other repositories or clients. Change management capabilities of StarTeam are available in the data, once it is synchronized into the StarTeam Server. These include versioning, branching, tracing, labeling and reporting.

Acquiring consistent reporting and baselines across ALL of your software delivery assets has never been easier. Add StarTeam to your existing environment and use Micro Focus Connect to integrate all of your teams, tools and assets for a consolidated view of the entire software delivery lifecycle.

New connectors are constantly being developed and published here on the Software Delivery & Testing Community.  If a connector doesn’t yet exist for one of your tools, then the Borland Connect API can be used to create that connector quickly. Once plugged-in, each connector can be customized using a mapping file so that your exact environment of public and private tools is fully supported.



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