3.1.1 Jira Connector

This connector for Micro Focus Connect lets you synchronize Jira assets with any connector for a Micro Focus Product.


Version: 3.1.1
Updated Release: Sept 27, 2018
Atlassian Jira: Certified with Atlassian Jira versions 6.4.3,6.4.5,7.0
Micro Focus Connect Support: Version 3.1.0, found in the Micro Focus Connect 3.1 Installer

  • I'm getting the following error when trying to configure the Data Source for JIRA:

    errorMsg: Could not communicate with the connect server: com.connect.api.exceptions.syncLifecycle.DisableConnectionException: Specified sample project 'My JIRA Project' does not exist.

    errorCode: 500

    In the Sample Project field do you just type in the JIRA project name or do you also need to include the project key?