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Finding and using URLs to Backlog Items

With StarTeam Agile it was possible to easy isolate the URL to an item in the backlog such that it could be sent to another team member and they could click on it and go straight to the item. This feature seems to be missing Rhythm? Or rather I can find it for items in the Team Room (via the link Properties in IE11 for example) but not in the Backlog - any clues how to do this?

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  • Rhythm uses item specific URLs in many places. For example, when an item is open for edit / viewing from the Planning views (Breakdown and Backlog), the URL in the browser address bar is specific to that item. If you copy the address bar URL and send it as a link, other can use the link to navigate to the same item.

    This also works for the Teamroom views.

    Another option is to use Story Discussions with user mentions (@<user>). When users are mentioned in an item discussion they are sent an email with the discussion content, and a link to the item.
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    Hi Mark - thanks for getting back to me. Your suggestion does work in the Team Room cases and also in the For example when I select the ID number for an item in the Team Room views and also in the Planning Breakdown, but not in the Planning Backlog. In the backlog the address bar always shows for example, 'vmstarteam/.../ and not the item ID. I am using IE11 - is this something you are seeing as well?
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    When I open an item for view / edit in the Planning Backlog perspective, my URL looks like this: http://<server>/atlas/index.html#perspective=backlog&project=2&itemId=28807

    I have confirmed I see the above URL in IE 11.

    What Rhythm version are you running? I don't believe this was a recent change, but I will check.

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    I am using This is what I get:


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    Ok, it turns out the behavior I described above is a recent change. The item specific URL will be introduced in Rhythm 4.3 (which releases in a few weeks). Sorry for the confusion.
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    Ah! That makes sense. I look forward to Rhythm 4.3. Thanks.