Product Announcement: Introducing Rhythm

As of February 2017 Atlas Team has been given a new name - Rhythm! 

Take a look at Rhythm's new community page

Rhythm is Micro Focus' rebranded Agile Delivery and Tracking tool, formerly known as Atlas Team. Atlas Team was StarTeam Agile's replacement and successor, released in version 4.0. Not only has it been renamed, it has also been given a new look and feel to match Atlas. 

The 4.1 update brings all of the functionality from StarTeam Agile and Atlas Team, but also:

  • improved documentation,
  • bulk edits (on multiple rows for any visible column),
  • functionality to use attachments with stories,
  • customizable swimlanes,
  • discussions (similar to Atlas),
  • Import/Export stories from a csv file,
  • input streams (allowing you to pull in external Requirements and Defects into the Rhythm Backlog for you to review),
  • traceable relationships from story to story,
  • ability to use tags in story editor,
  • version control for stories.

Rhythm will be available as part of the Atlas Planning and Tracking Suite 4.1, or as a separate product. 

StarTeam Agile customers should now use Rhythm as their agile tracking tool. Customers who wish to continue to use StarTeam Agile, can open the ALMConfiguration.xml file and change this value: <goToStarTeamAgile>TRUE</goToStarTeamAgile>. Additionally, refer to the installation guide to learn about enabling the StarTeam Agile .WAR file.