Micro Focus UK summit 2017

Calling all UK customers to come and join us at the #MFSummit2017 in London.

Get the most from #MFSummit2017

Alternate informative overviews with deep-dive, issue-specific questioning, using the flexible format of formal sessions and face-to-face opportunities. Check out the roadmaps, ask an expert or share your experiences with other customers.

Interaction is the key. We'll have product experts and fellow customers on hand to discuss your business and IT change issues. Just arrange your itinerary to get maximum value from the day. The 12 sessions are split into three broad themes:


Micro Focus helps the IT organization design, build, and deploy the IT services that meet today's business demands—across mobile platforms to mainframe solutions—with greater reliability and less risk of failure.


Micro Focus helps IT organizations deliver reliable IT services, while also simplifying the cost of managing the underlying technologies, applications, and platforms that deliver them.


Micro Focus enables our customers to more easily eliminate threats from poorly secured systems—from mobile endpoints to mainframe and the Cloud—and provide greater controls to manage access to data for users, partners, and customers to limit the possibility of a data breac