Silk 18.5 is Now Available

Micro Focus is delighted to announce the latest release of its functional, performance and test automation solution, Silk®18.5.  This latest release offers new efficiencies, platform support and greater automation for development, test and QA teams. This release is also a great example of our ‘better together’ story with new integration between Silk and Mobile Center offering our customers enhanced capability for mobile test automation and management. Silk 18.5 also offers a new cloud-based, subscription solution for application testing – Silk.  WebDriver Pro.  Silk 18.5 is generally available on November 14, 2017. 

Silk 18.5 highlights 

Silk Test

  • Support for virtualized environments delivers new integration with Silk Central, Mobile Center and SauceLabs and reduces the complexity of application testing.
  • Enhanced mobile testing with new platform support for iOS and Android
  • Embedded support for the Chrome web browser 

Silk WebDriver Pro

  • Enhanced support for test script recording, export and execution
  • Support for the latest updates to Firefox and Chrome web browsers
  • New web browser support for Edge
  • New mobile browser support 

Silk Central

  • Integration with Micro Focus Mobile Center enables the use of Silk Test for development and execution of automated functional tests on mobile devices  
  • Shared test assets enable greater process consistency through re-use
  • Distributed test execution that reduces testing time and improves efficiency
  • Improved Issue Manager with integrated login facility and at-a-glance access to issue details 

Silk Performer

  • Build performance tests using a modern development tools such as Visual Studio and languages such as C#
  • Extended browser support for re-using functional tests 

New Product Assets

For more information including the latest product datasheets and features, please visit the following Silk product pages: