Announcing a new Silk WebDriver version

Micro Focus is proud to announce the release of a new Silk WebDriver version!

What's new in Silk WebDriver

Silk WebDriver now supports the following new features:

Customization of Recording

Creating good identifiers for the items in your application under test is challenging. While Silk WebDriver uses sophisticated strategies to automatically generate the best possible locators and object map entry names during recording, these might not always cover your specific requirements. For example, the generated locator might not include an attribute that you want to be included, and the automatically generated object map entry for a recorded object might be difficult to read or might contain special characters. You can now edit the locator and the object map entry for web controls directly from the recording UI.

Enhanced Support for Special Keys

You can now enter special keys between angled brackets during recording. For example <back_space> or <enter>.

New Browser Versions

Silk WebDriver now supports testing web applications in Mozilla Firefox 60 and in Google Chrome 67.

More information

  • For additional information about Silk WebDriver, visit the product page.
  • Download Silk WebDriver from Here.