Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: When I replay my exported script it fails with timing errors. Why does it work fine when I replay it within Silk WebDriver?

    Answer: That is because of our built-in synchronization. With other tools, you need to manually take care of waiting until the page is ready for interaction, either with implicit or with explicit wait statements. Silk WebDriver implicitly waits until the page is ready. If you want that feature for your exported Selenium tests as well, consider upgrading to Silk Test, the functional test automation solution from Micro Focus, which has that feature built in by default!

  • Question: How can I record a script that moves the mouse cursor to a specific element?

    Answer: When Silk WebDriver is in recording mode, right-click the control to which you want the mouse to be moved to. In the context menu, select MouseMove and click Ok. The mouse cursor will be moved to the control by using the WebDriver Actions API. You can also do this for other actions from the Actions API, for example context-click and double-click.

  • Question: Why can I not record MouseMove, ContextClick, and DoubleClick with Firefox 52?

    Answer: The current versions of Firefox and the corresponding WebDriver implementation (GeckoDriver) do not fully support the Actions API yet. The Mozilla team is working on an update.

  • Question: How can I replay specific actions from my script?

    Answer: Just select one or more actions in the Recorder Sidebar and press Play. Silk WebDriver replays only the selected actions. If you select the Recorded Actions node and press Play, the whole test case is played back.

  • Question: How can I record a verification?

    Answer: When Silk WebDriver is in recording mode, you can either right-click a control and then select Add Verification or you can press Ctrl+Alt to bring up the Add Verifications dialog. There you can select the properties of the control that you want to verify.