Introducing Silk WebDriver for macOS

Today marks an important milestone in the history of Silk WebDriver: Micro Focus is proud to announce the general availability of Silk WebDriver for macOS!

This is an important step for Silk WebDriver and also a remarkable date for Silk Test and our overall cross-browser/platform strategy. Moving away from being a pure Windows-based solution has started with the new Silk Test capabilities to test Safari and iOS devices. With porting Silk WebDriver to macOS, we now for the first time provide users with a way to design, record, and replay a functional test script on macOS, without the need of having anything installed on a Windows machine. And this is just the beginning...


Silk WebDriver for macOS runs natively on macOS and supports recording pure Selenium-based scripts with our market-proven and browser-independent interactive recorder. You can now create Selenium-based scripts by using Chrome or Firefox and you can replay these scripts on all supported browsers without modifications. Before exporting your scripts you can modify them by removing unnecessary steps or by adding missing steps. You can then export your scripts to Java, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, or even C# and VB.NET.

Exporting a script using the Mocha JavaScript test frameworks gives you the ability to directly upload this exported script to StormRunner Functional, from where you can run your tests in the cloud without the need to set-up an expensive hardware infrastructure.


Download Silk WebDriver for free from our download page.