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Connecting Silk Central with JIRA and GitHub

Silk Central is all about giving users the freedom to use whatever methods and tools are part of their current development process. Some of the most popular tools developers are using out there now are JIRA and GitHub.

If you are not familiar with them, JIRA is an agile development tool and GitHub is one of the biggest source control tools for collaboration and code management.

These tools are being used to drive the future of what teams develop and something that you can utilize whilst testing with Silk Central.


 Silk Central can automatically sync in with your JIRA project out of the box. This allows you to bring over all your user stories into Silk Central to track how many have a test which has passed.

We can turn this:


Into this:

We can now get a clear indication of how well our project is progressing and how many of our User Stories or Bugs we still have issues with.

Silk Central supports utilizing multiple test types and assets to make sure you can completely cover all your user stories before you are ready to release. 


 As a team, more and more of us are relying on tools like GitHub for collaboration. This means that we have to make sure that the code we are checking in is being tested and verified.

Integrating your GitHub repository directly in to Silk Central is supported out of the box.


We can configure a Source Control integration to point to our GitHub directory, so as soon as a developer/tester has built a new version of the application with the latest test assets, we can test this against the application straight away.

We can then use this to monitor how the tests are progressing, as new code is checked in:

If one of our tests fails, we have the option to directly raise a defect in Silk Central, so that the developers can see this in JIRA and action a fix as quickly as possible.

For additional details on the JIRA and GitHub integration's you can find these in our Online Help.