Released: Silk Central 17.5 Hotfix 3

Silk Central 17.5 Hotfix 3 Readme

Software requirements:

Silk Central version, Build 7136

Resolved Issues in Hotfix 3:

The following issues have been resolved in Silk Central 17.5 Hotfix 3:

RPI #1114541 Test launcher parser throws ClassNotFoundException for parameterized tests
RPI #1109854 Silk Test 17.5 failing when running from Silk Central - increase timeout for starting partner.exe
RPI #1108643 Performance optimizations when filtering by parameters
RPI #1109851 Needed to disconnect Silk Central from DB to complete System Diagnostics if Garbage-First (G1) garbage collector was used
RPI #1110473 Integration with RDNG synchs folders but not the use cases
RPI #1109769 Avoid invalid error dialog when running execution plans with no tests assigned
RPI #1110329 Icons from Jira items do not correspond to the issue types
RPI #1111016 Experiencing slowness in one specific project (execution plan)
RPI #1111308 Inconsistent validation when making platforms inactive
RPI #1111330 Inactive platform used when raising issues from tests
RPI #1113513 Configurations List Issue: "Unexpected error persisting data. Inspect log files"
RPI #1114499 Fixed NullPointerException in Manual Tests Result View

If you have any questions on this you can also log a case directly by using the following link: Log Support Incident.

You can download the hotfix from Micro Focus SupportLine