Released: Silk Central 18.5 Hotfix 2

Silk Central 18.5 Hotfix 2 Readme

Software requirements:

Silk Central version 18.5.0, Build 7703

Resolved Issues in Hotfix 2:

The following issues have been resolved in Silk Central 18.5 Hotfix 2:

RPI #1113078 JIRA issue types are now sorted in ascending alphabetical order (case insensitive) in Silk Central's New Issue dialog
RPI #1113109 General stop of automated execution deployment when deleting execution plan that has a run in Waiting state.
RPI #1113260 Silk Performer integration: Fix store of PQuantile data.
RPI #1113513 Configurations List Issue: "Unexpected error persisting data."
RPI #1113590 Dataset is not synchronized after importing large project.
RPI #1113720 Test cases are not available in the Manual Execution Planning view and Testing Cycle Timeline panel OOM if span over DST.
RPI #1114066 Silk Central freezes when trying to create Git integration.
RPI #1114156 Failed to synchronize Epics from JIRA to Silk Central.
RPI #1114159 Synopsis not respecting mode and group permissions.
RPI #1114238 Run automated tests manually with a setup results in "No execution tree context".
RPI #1114554 Report on requirement properties: ORA-22835 - Buffer too small for CLOB to CHAR or BLOB to RAW.
RPI #1114568 Project owners sorted by login instead of username.
Fix Restrict authenticated session cookie to specific paths and httpOnly.

If you have any questions on this you can also log a case directly by using the following link: Log Support Incident.

You can download the hotfix from Micro Focus SupportLine