Announcing Silk Test 17.5

 Micro Focus is proud to announce the release of Silk Test 17.5! If you already use Silk Test and you have a maintenance contract, you can upgrade to Silk Test 17.5 for free.

Silk Test is a fast, reliable, and efficient test automation solution for development, quality, and business teams who need to deliver software faster. Silk Test allows you to create cross-browser scripts that run on multiple desktop and mobile browsers without any modifications, which is key to reduce the effort for creating and maintaining scripts. As product software-delivery cycles increase in pace, quality tends to suffer with the introduction of defects and bugs – Silk Test helps find those bugs earlier in the life-cycle.

Highlights of Silk Test 17.5

Mobile Device Live View

Do you need to see what is currently happening on a mobile device, even if the device is in another room, another building, or even another country? While you record or replay on a mobile device or emulator, Silk
Test mirrors the display of the mobile device on the desktop, enabling you to see every action that is performed on the device in real time.

Testing Hybrid mobile applications

Hybrid mobile applications (apps) use web technologies wrapped in native mobile apps to ease building cross-device compatible apps. Silk Test now supports testing such apps on Android and iOS, by exposing
both the full Silk Test browser testing API as well as the full native mobile API.

Enhanced cross-browser testing

Silk Test 17.5 features the following cross browser enhancements:

  • To enable you to incorporate the browser-specific features of Google Chrome in your web application testing, Silk Test 17.5 introduces action and locator recording support for Google Chrome.
  • With Silk Test 17.5, the replay performance of cross-browser scripts in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge is significantly improved.

Using devices and browsers that are managed by Silk Central

You can now execute your mobile and web tests on mobile devices and browsers that are managed by Silk Central. Just add Silk Central as a remote location and start testing on all managed devices and browsers.

Enhanced action recording for mobile and web applications

Silk Test enables you to record the default action for an object without having to choose. This makes action recording faster and easier. While recording actions against a mobile application or a web application in
Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari, you no longer have to select every action in the Choose Action dialog. However, the Choose Action dialog continues to open for objects that do not
offer a default action, for example text fields, and you can still open the Choose Action dialog by right-clicking on any object.

Multiple application domain support for WPF

Multi application domain enables you to design and implement secure .NET WPF applications. Silk Test now supports testing WPF applications that use multiple application domains.

Other Enhancements

In addition to the highlights described above, Silk Test 17.5 introduces a range of other enhancements. For a complete list of the features and enhancements introduced with Silk Test 17.5, refer to the Silk Test 17.5 Release Notes.

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