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Announcing Silk Test 19.5

 Micro Focus is proud to announce the release of Silk Test 19.5! If you already use Silk Test and you have a maintenance contract, you can upgrade to Silk Test 19.5 for free.

Silk Test is a fast, reliable, and efficient test automation solution for development, quality, and business teams who need to deliver software faster. Silk Test allows you to create cross-browser scripts that run on multiple desktop and mobile browsers without any modifications, which is key to reduce the effort for creating and maintaining scripts. As product software-delivery cycles increase in pace, quality tends to suffer with the introduction of defects and bugs – Silk Test helps find those bugs earlier in the life-cycle.

Highlights of Silk Test 19.5

UI Automation Support

Silk Test 19.5 offers Microsoft UI Automation (UI Automation) as a new fallback support.

To better recognize controls when recording against Windows-based applications that have implemented the UI Automation provider interface, you can enable the UI Automation support on machines that run on Microsoft Windows 8 or later. This provides fallback support for applications that are based on the following technologies:

  • WPF
  • WinForms
  • Oracle JavaFX*
  • QT
  • PowerBuilder
  • Delphi
  • Microsoft Office

* JavaFX applications are detected out-of-the-box, without the need to manually enable the UI Automation support.