Customizing locators and object map IDs during recording

Creating good identifiers for the items in your application under test (AUT) can be challenging. While Silk Test uses sophisticated strategies to automatically generate the best possible locators and object map entry names during recording, these might not always cover your specific requirements.

For example, the generated locator might not include an attribute that you want to be included, and the automatically generated object map entry for a recorded object might be difficult to read or might contain special characters. With Silk Test 19.0 or later, you can edit the locator and the object map entry for web controls directly from the recording UI.

You can do this during recording by right-clicking on the object, which opens the Choose Action dialog. You can then expand the Object identification area  and edit the locator in the Locator field as well as the object map entry in the Object Map ID field. Silk Test might offer additional suggestions for good locators, which you can select from the list in the Locator field.

For example, the automatically generated object map entry for a text field in the previous figure is login-form email. If someone else or even you look at the object map at a later point in time, it might be difficult to understand what object this entry refers to. Changing the object map entry to something like InsuranceWebLoginEmail would possibly provide more context.

This functionality is available for all supported desktop and mobile browsers except Internet Explorer.