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Glasspane Recording

Glasspane recording has been extended to include Microsoft Edge along with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and the mobile browsers.

What is Glasspane recording?

Glasspane recording is a feature that allows a user to record against local or remote browsers in a guided manner. This allows the user to fully control what is recorded during the recording session and hence reducing the manual editing effort.


Figure 1 shows how the recording windows appear. The window on the left is an image of the browser that is being recorded (the Glasspane), the window on the right shows what has been recorded (nothing has been recorded so far). The green box shows the control that the mouse cursor is over.

Figure 1: Glasspane and Recorded Actions windows.

Recording an action

To record an action, click the control by using the left mouse button. If the control is a link, a button, or a control that responds to a click, the click is sent to the browser and the action is recorded. The recorded action is then shown in the Recorded Actions window.

Figure 2 : Recorded actions

If the control that is clicked requires more information, for example an edit control, the Glasspane recorder will show the Choose Action dialog prompting for the required information.

Figure 3 : Entering data for an edit control.
Type in the value and press OK to proceed. The entry will be played to the browser and also shown in the Recorded Actions window.

Recording other actions

To record an action on a control that a user typically just clicks on, for example to perform a double-click instead of a click, or to add a verification for a control,  right-click on the control to bring up the Choose Action dialog directly. Figure 4 shows this for the LOG IN button.

Figure 4 : Recording other actions.

Adding a Verification

This is similar to adding an action. Right-click on the control in question and select Add Verification. You will see the user interface for creating a verification. Note that this varies depending on the Silk Test client that you are using.

Browser commands

Sometimes you need to record something against the browser itself, for example to navigate to a specific URL, to reload the page, etc. To perform these actions use the Browser Actions control. This control is shown in the main browser window as follows.

The icon will reflect the browser that you are recording against, in this case it is Firefox.

Figure 6 shows the browser actions that can be performed.

Figure 6: Choose Action window for the browser window.

This is what the dialog looks like for recording a Navigate action.

Figure 7: Recording a Navigate step.


Glasspane recording allows users to better control what is recorded resulting in a more accurate representation of the recorded script which in turn reduces the time spent manually editing the generated scripts.