New Course: Silk Test Workbench Essentials (SLK430)

Featuring a brand-new Instructor Led Training Course aimed at testers who wish to harness the power of the Silk Test Workbench Client.


The following modules are covered:


  • Module 1: Course introduction
  • Module 2: Introduction to Silk Test Workbench
  • Module 3: Creating a Silk Test Workbench project
  • Module 4: Configure Project, manage Project Assets & record Visual Test
  • Module 5: Test playback
  • Module 6: Object recognition
  • Module 7: Adding verification
  • Module 8: Play back tests and analyze results
  • Module 9: Testing Web applications on mobile browsers
  • Module 10: Example: Cross-browser testing
  • Module 11: Wrap-up Exercises and wrap-up Assessment


See more information on the Course and the Course Outline for more information.