Using Selenium with Silk4J

If you need to test a web application and you already have an existing Silk4J test set for your functional and regression testing, you can now easily add Selenium WebDriver scripts to your test set.

This presents the following advantages:


  • Team members who know Selenium but have no prior Silk4J knowledge can easily contribute to your testing.
  • You can utilize the various Selenium WebDriver locator strategies to identify objects during recording.  
  • You can enhance the existing Selenium tests by recording additional actions on the newest version of Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Safari
  • You can add reporting and logging to the Selenium tests. You can easily see what happens during a test, including for example at which action a specific locator was not found.
  • You can add Selenium WebDriver actions to existing Silk4J scripts, creating so called mixed scripts.

The following video lists some of these advantages and demonstrates how you can easily record Selenium WebDriver actions into an existing Silk4J script.