Not showing error Playback Status Dialog only on .Net Script

Silk Test Workbench 19.5


I have created an error handler if the click step could not found the locator (because the locator will exist only if the object is clicked), it will create the object.

The problem is error playback dialog is always shown before the error handler works so I have to click Continue in every error

Could I disable Playback Status Dialog only in .Net script?

  • Hi,

    If you are using .NET scripts and want to use your own error handling, you will need to set the "Catch Exceptions when Thrown" playback setting to "No". To do this:

    1. Select Tools | Options
    2. Select Playback | General from the options tree
    3. Set "Catch Exceptions when Thrown" to "No"
    4. Press OK

    I hope that helps.

  • In reply to RobertM:

    Thank you Robert.
    Is there error handling spesific for Silk Test that I can use in .Net?
  • In reply to garecanbp:

    There is nothing specific for Silk Test.

    You can simply use Try...Catch blocks to handle potential exceptions.

  • In reply to RobertM:

    yes, I have created Try...Catch to handle exceptions and when it get exception, back to my question, Error Playback Status Dialog is always shown, could I disable it only in .Net Script?